Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Philosophy teacher about to catch these hands.

I guess my philosophy teacher thinks that since we passed the drop date (which is the last day you can drop from a class without recieving an F) she can say whatever she wants. She's been real shady these past couple weeks

Well, for one, she's really been expressing her passion for wanting to say the n-word. "If some of you in here said it, it wouldn't be a problem, but if I said it, I would lose my job wouldn't I?" YES YOU WOULD MA'AM. Then she wanna say "When I used to say it, some students would get heated, and that's why I refrain from saying it anymore." Anymore.
Keep in mind that she's an older white lady.
Like umm baby girl reeeaaallllll close to catching these hands.

Then today, she was rambling about something (because she's always rambling and never stays on topic, then wonders why everybody is struggling in her class), and she told the class "Most mothers are the disciplinary figures in African American that not true?" Then she goes to say: "Well, I guess you kind of have to be if it's a single parent household."

She think I'm playing with her. Then she gone say "I sense tension in the room" Heck yeah you sense some tension. Keep playing with me and you gone sense some tension in yo throat.

Then this lady wanna try her hand at Ebonics...I don't even feel like going into that. She really doing tooooooooo much that nobody asked her for.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

School Rant, Basically.

I'm in philosophy class right now, a class that I've been hating since the very first day I sat in here. My professor is just straight trash. She's one of those teachers that has a monotone voice. She stay asking the class questions, but nobody ever answers them, because nobody ever knows what she's talking about. So basically we just sit in silence for 5 minutes until someone says some mess, then she replies "hmm well not quite." And if you're a teacher wouldn't you think you'd have examples already ready for the thing you're teaching? Well, I guess not. This lady take 15 minutes to come up with an example for something she's talking about.. "Hmm so what wait...what about if hmmm." Like lady get your stuff together. Oh yeah, and she swear her jokes are just hilarious. She has a few kiss ups who laugh at all her jokes but then the rest of the class is just like :\ Keep in mind, this is a big class (130 people).

But the messed up thing is that I CHOSE to take her. I go on ratemyprofessor to make sure I don't get a professor that's trash, and this lady had like 200 five-star reviews :\. I don't know if she bribes students to leave her good reviews orrrrrrrrr.....because I don't know who the heck the people on ratemyprofessor were talking about because it definitely wasn't this lady :/ best believe when this semester is over I'm giving her a bloop bloop 1 STAR :)

My other classes aren't that bad though. I'm taking speech and history too. I really didn't want to take speech or history. I wanted to take philosophy because I thought that it'd be a fun class. Turns out I like the classes I didn't even want to take better than the one I DID want to take :)

Speech isn't that bad. My professor is better laid back and flexible. For a speech class, we haven't done many speeches. We did 2, and we have our last one coming up on May the 2nd. We have to do a persuasive speech so I'm thinking about 1 of these two topics: 1. Why you should smile more (I'm thinking of this topic because scientists or whatever proved that if you smile when you're in a bad mood, it can actually improve your mood. It worked for me!), or 2. Why you should buy Apple products over Android. Okay, don't kill me over the Android stuff; yeah, okay, Android makes good products or whatever but bro, you can't deny that Apple is just superior. I used to fib to myself too, when I had an Android phone. I just don't have to anymore.

And for my history class..My history class is really just boosting it. My professor is just trippin'! She really wants waaaaayyy too many details like um!! MA'AM!!! I'm stressing over a paper I have to write over a book called Celia, a Slave. Like, she doesn't want an ordinary paper, she want some over-the-top-facts-galore type mess. Sighhh that mess is due this Tuesday. After I get done with that paper, I can finally chill a little, then I have to work on that doggone speech!!

But anyway, one of the reasons I'm telling y'all this is because my mother really wants me to start back blogging and she offered to buy me proactiv if I did. I really need it because my skin is highkey trash. Like so highkey I don't even want to take pictures anymore :) I have no idea where all this acne came from but it's really annoying and it's making me look ugly (Yes, I'm sure it's the acne that's making me ugly) :). Lol but yeah, I wanted to start back blogging anyway but I've been so busy with school as you can see, and really have no time for this, but now I kinda have to lol. But, hopefully this means more posts!!
Oh and my father bought a new computer so that's a plus!

Sorry for all the writing and no pictures lol I hate posts with no pictures but guess what? As I said, I'm in philosophy I can't really add pictures. You're going to have to deal with it bro, stop complaining.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Real is Back.

My babies! I haven't wrote on here in so long. Can you believe it's Christmas 1st already? It's so weird how this year flew by (just like how everyone says every year flies by). Like, I remember at the beginning of the year I was wondering what this year would have in store. It has definitely NOT been my best year, but it wasn't half bad either. I had some good times I guess.

My last post was about me being a college student (which was at the beginning of the semester), and college life isn't so fun. I'm only taking 2 classes and the workload is ridiculous. I don't have time for anything. I really don't think other students care about their grades though, because they celebrate for getting a 40 on an exam...

I have a soccer tournament coming up this weekend. It's the tournament of champions, where all the first place teams from all over compete for the ultimate title. Last year my team came in 3rd place. This is our last chance at taking the title because most of our girls are in their senior year, and are going off to college.

I know I'm jumping from subject to subject (trust me I don't write my papers like this, haha) but man, I've been slacking. I need to get y'all caught up! I haven't even told y'all about my birthday! Well I'm 16 now! That sounds weird to say because I literally still picture myself as a 12 year old for some reason.

I went to the fair for my birthday and bought a hamster (see, I'm clearly 12). She's a peachy color and I named her Baby Doll. I haven't took any pictures of her because she's evil. All she does is twitch and bite. :/ She even bit Cruz. Like, she's so hostile. If I add some food into her bowl, she start twitching and jumping around the cage like she crazy.
She a weirdo.
It's been a nice chat, but I gotta go to bed; It's a school night. I missed y'all! Did y'all miss me?...What kind of question is that?... OF COURSE Y'ALL DID!


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